Winter crops in the farm

A variety of radish

Swiss Chard



Black Krim Tomato

Cherry Tomato


Bok Choy

From Farm To Table – Winter Melon

Winter Melon grown in the rooftop farm was served at the Green Lunch event on campus.

2 Aug 2014

16 Aug 2014

23 Aug 2014

1 Sep 2014

12 Sep 2014 (18-pound winter melon was passed to Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant)

15 Sep 2014 (Let’s Go Green lunchtime event)

Farm to Table – Harvest Gathering of the Farming Team

A harvest gathering has been organised on Dec 19 for the farming team to review the current work and plan ahead. Most importantly, it was the first time we tasted the rooftop produce together! We have harvested carrots, white radish, spinach, tong hao, broccoli and tomatoes and brought them to Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant. They all tasted fresh and delicious!

Details of the upcoming activities at the Rooftop Farm will be available soon, check out the updates in GE website, facebook and emails!

Beautiful Crops

See the latest update of the vegetables currently growing at the rooftop farm:

Cherry Tomato (車厘茄)

White Radish (Loh Bak 白蘿蔔)

Carrot (甘荀)

Lettuce (生菜)

Spinach (菠菜)

Bak Choi (白菜)

Lesser Tong Hao (皇帝菜)

Coriander (芫茜)

Broccoli (西蘭花)