Farming Plan for Summer 2015

Floor Plan of the Farm (updated on 21 Jan 2014)
Rm_roof Model (1)

We were growing the following veggies and herbs in the farm in the summer of 2013:

Pumpkin (南瓜)

Cucumber (青瓜)

Bitter Melon (苦瓜)

Winter Melon (冬瓜)

Silk Squash/ Luffa (絲瓜)

Okra (秋葵)

Corn (粟米)

Ceylon Spinach (木耳菜)

Red Amaranth (紅莧菜)

Eggplant (茄子)

Chocolate Pepper (朱古力辣椒)

Sweet Pepper (甜椒)

Chilli (辣椒)
Ghost Pepper (鬼椒)
French/Green Bean (四季豆)

White String Bean (菜豆)

Soy Bean (黃豆/大豆)

Perilla (紫蘇葉)

Oregano (牛至)

Basil (Thai) 泰國九層塔

Basil (Italian) 意大利九層塔

Clary Sage (鼠尾草)

Thyme (百里香)

Majorum (馬祖林)

Rosemary (迷迭香)

Common Rue (芸香/臭草)

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