HKU Rooftop Farming Project 香港大學天台耕種計劃

Promoting the awareness of sustainable development and responsible citizenship is one of the common objectives of the General Education Unit and the Sustainability Office of HKU.  The ‘Rooftop Farming Project’ is a key element of this effort by introducing the practice of organic farming on campus. It aims to foster a sense of responsibility and connection to the natural environment by reconnecting people to the farm. It also aims to explore the potential value of rooftops in a high-density urban city. By working closely with Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant, this project demonstrates how one may put in real practice a sustainable food cycle that encourages consumption of local produce with minimal carbon footprints and reduction of food waste.

You are welcome to join the our facebook group and stay tuned for the latest update about the rooftop farm.

This project is co-organised by the General Education Unit and Sustainability Office, supported by Time To Grow, Greenwoods (HKUSU) and Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant, and sponsored by the BOCHK Charitable Foundation.

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