Today we are going to introduce the eggplants that are growing in our lovely rooftop farm!

Normally, the best-known eggplant looks like a purple “J”:

Their surface is very shiny and there are different colors as well, such as orange and white. Their shapes vary from flat to round, look at this one:

(It looks like a deep purple tomato!)

The best timing to grow eggplants starts from April to July, you may take 4 seeds at first and after the second leaf appears, thin out all but the strongest seedling.

As it grows, many axillary shoots are produced and need to be removed, or we will have too few eggplants in the end.

Eggplant is usually grown as an annual, but the healthy and lucky ones can sometimes be kept for 2 to 3 years.

Recommended Recipe:


Fried Eggplant+Tomato+Green Pepper (it’s magical)


Before fried the vegetables, put in extra amount (more than usual) of cooking oil, garlic, gingers and scallion.

Then fried the eggplants first, follow by green peppers and tomatoes, remember to fill in waters while frying.

The finished product will be better than expected.

Happy eating!

Photos credits: Matthew Chan & Celeste Shai

Reference: Langenberg, A. V. (n.d.). Growing your own food in Hong Kong.